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NCTB Class Eight Islam o Noitik Shikkha

In order to make the evaluation more fruitful in the light of the new curriculum, multiple scholarships and creative questions have been added as a sample for practice after the completion of each chapter according to the advice of the country's educationists and the government. Through this, the face-to-face of the students will be greatly reduced and they will have to apply the knowledge and understanding they have acquired in real life and analyze and evaluate any issues. Besides, various activities have been organized to engage every student with practical activities. In the part of the exercise practice, students can identify personal skills, creativity, taste and beauty.

However, Who are belongs to Islam and maintain it they will never ever can involved with any subversive activities. Islam is the best religion in the world. Who are deeply believed in Islam they will never faced any problem and they do not to worried about income, food, and most importantly they are always keep happier than other. Moreover, Islam teaches us moral education like how to be treats with people, honesty, modesty, truthfulness etc. If you deeply keep faith on islam you will never face any problems and never do any bad things. Hence, In this book you will get idea or learn about Surah, afterlife, how to prayer, rules of bath, rules of ablution, prayer, timing of prayer, rules of prayer, Quran & Hadith, recitation of Quran, Responsibilities of Parents, Truthfulness, lying, abusing, biography of many prophet etc.

About Book:

Title: Islam o Noitik Sikkha
Author : NCTB
Class: VIII
Published: January 2016
Total Pages: 134
File Format: Pdf
Size : 3 MB



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