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Thursday, 29 November 2018

Every effort is made to help students relate the concepts in this book to the decisions made by working managers. In the fifteenth edition, the authors have added a new section to Chapter 1 titled Managerial Accounting: Beyond the Numbers, which has expanded coverage of leadership skills with the goal of helping all business students better understand why managerial accounting is relevant to their future careers. New and revised In Business boxes throughout the book link chapter concepts to pertinent real-world examples. Service industry references appear throughout the chapter narrative and end-of-chapter material to provide students with relevant context for the material they are learning. The robust Connect Accounting technology package and the Learn Smart Advantage Suite include new and exciting tools to help keep students engaged in the learning process. For these reasons and many more, a student reading Garrison should never have to ask “Why am I learning this?”

About Book:

Title: Managerial Accounting
Author: Ray H. Garrison,  Eric W. Noreen & Peter C. Brewer
Edition: 15th
Format: pdf
Size: 62 MB



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