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Friday, 4 May 2018

The textbook Buddhist Religion and Moral Education has been enriched with topics and information suitable for the respective class. Content based pictures and exercise have been incorporated to create more interest and to make attitude pragmatic to student learning. Studying this book, students will be inspired deeply to the ideals of religion and morality. As a result, knowing about Goutama Buddhas free from malice, the amity, the kindness, the means to moral and honest life, the philosophy of Buddhist Religion, culture and heritage, they will be capable to build their life beautiful and benefactor. Above all, the learners will be capable to build their moral and religious life as well as they will be conscious to maintain their duties and responsibilities in their virtuous festivals. Besides they will be inspired to the feelings of universal welfare, patriotism, endurance. It is expected that this textbook shall be a better step as the source to overcome all narrowness rather to be a theology.


Title : Buddhist Religion and Moral Education (English Version) 
Author : NCTB
Class : Six
Total Page : 126
File Format : Pdf
File Size : 11 MB
Published: 2018 



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