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Saturday, 7 April 2018

The UNIX system was first described in a 1974 paper in the communications of the ACM by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie. Since that time, it has become increasingly widespread and popular throughout the computer industry where more and more vendors are offering support for it on their machines. It is especially popular in universities where it is frequently used for operating systems research and case studies.

The book is not a line by line rendition of the system written in English; It is a description of the general flow of the various algorithms, and most important a description of how they interact with each other. Algorithms are presented in C like pseudo code to aid the reader in understanding the natural language description and their names correspond to the procedure names in the kernal. Figures depict the relationship between various data structure as the system manipulates them. In later chapters. small C Programs illustrate many system concepts as they manifest themselves to users. In the interests of space and clarity, these examples do not usually check for error conditions, something that should always be done when writing programs. I have run them on System V, They should run on other versions of the system, too. 

Many exercises originally prepared for the course have been included at the end of each chapter, and they are a key part of the book. Some exercises are straightforward, designed to illustrate concepts brought out in the text. Others are more difficult, designed to help the reader understand the system at a deeper level. Finally, some are exploratory in nature, designed for investigation as a research problem. Difficult exercises are marked with asterisks.


Title: The Design of Unix Operating System 
Author: Maurice J. Bach 
Format: PDF
Total Page: 485
File size: 11 MB



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