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Monday, 16 April 2018

The necessity of learning religion and moral education is becoming wider everyday. It is utmost necessary at primary level. Because, at this age, a child's religious and moral base is strongly developed. Keeping this in mind, the section of moral teachings has been added in the christian religion and moral education book. the text book has been developed strongly focusing on Christian Religion and morality so that our students can learn the difference between good and evil doing, avoid the evil and accept the good and build up themselves as a person of character and strong personality. So that they can be able to know and love God, the creations of God and nature according to their own characteristics.


Title : Christian Religion and Moral Education (English Version) 
Author : NCTB
Class : Three
Total Page : 77
File Format : Pdf
File Size : 20 MB
Published: 2018 



  1. Dear, author, take my Greetings. I am a Christian. I noticed that the English guide of all religions is found in the market, but no guide of Christian religion is found. Please, it is very good if the religion of all religions is found in the guide market of Christian religion. Please give special attention to the topic.

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