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Monday, 16 April 2018

The necessity of learning religion and moral education is becoming wider everyday. It is utmost necessary at primary level. Because, at this age, a child's religious and moral base is strongly developed. Keeping this in mind, the section of moral teachings of the Buddha's Doctrine-morality or moral characteristics have been emphasized int this textbook. It is our earnest expectation that the learners would come forward to develop family, society and their dear motherland Bangladesh being saturated with human virtues and values. Especially, the noble life of the Buddha, Moral education or precepts, places of pilgrimage, parables of Jatakas instructive information and lesson wise portraits will attract children mostly.


Title : Buddhist Religion and Moral Education (English Version) 
Author : NCTB
Class : Three
Total Page : 80
File Format : Pdf
File Size : 19 MB
Published: 2018 



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