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Thursday, 12 October 2017

Nowadays , clash of clans is the most played popular mobile games. It's able to draw the best attention from the people of kids to old. Every people wants to get more powerful base and a lot of XP, GEMS but they couldn't reached their goal because of they don't understand or know the secret things of these games. today I will let you know about all the secret things of supercell clash of clans games. I can assure you if you abide all the rules your base will be the most powerful and save a lot of gems, XPs etc. Now i am going to tell you about the secret things. so guys take a deep breadth and read it slowly. 

1. First and the most important thing is that sleep at least 7 hours at night because this game is mind games. you have to use your full concentration on this games. If you want to attack on another base you have to be more sharp for this reason sleep as much as possible. 

2. can not be rush. take your time. the most gamer trouble with this. because if you are upgrading fast, the game will slow you down and sometimes your village may become very weak to face the attack.

3. save your elixir bank from attacks. If you do not want all the soldiers in the queue, you can always cancel the army and you will get your bank umpire immediately. This is a great alternative, if you are attacked and want to protect your assets, make sure that the drops are quick enough before the attack and they accept your solicitors.

4. if you got attacked from your opponents and your opponents destroyed your 40% of village that time you will get 12 hours long active shield and use it wisely. 

5. take revenge as quick as possible because taking revenge will helps you to better player because in this game revenge is the most important part who are expert of taking revenge they are always is better in attack. moreover, your analyze skill will be developed to taking revenge. 

6. Give your full focus to get 1250 trophies. To get more trophies find out the Town Hall outside the walls of the village and you will easily find 3 stars on sweet victory. After that you will get 450 gems.

7. A good defense strategy is to make sure you create multiple sets of walls and you are sure to upgrade them as soon as possible. It is important to keep them upgraded if you have wooden walls, especially if you attack your walls in higher level foes. There are more sets of walls, when they are attacking, more likely to stop your enemy.

8. Upgrade your town hall as much as possible but at least trying to keep your town hall 7, therefore you can prevent to save your resources from your foes. 

9. Use two 4+ star Lighting Spells to destroy a level 4-5 mortar and to permits your shoal troops to destroy the rest of the structures. 

10. You can leave your Town Hall in the cold time but do not forget to surrounded it with Teslas in order to protect your village from unprepared attacks.

11. You can always able to fight the gobbling whenever you have to need more resources. By this his way you can earn up to 5 million gold and elixir in your campaign. If you manage to upgrade your units to level 4-5 then you will get it.

12. When your hero comes to rest, never select for "guard" mode. You must weaken him during the attack, select the "sleep" mode and you will make our hero safe and rested.

Some tips of getting super fast XP and gems : 

◘ Donate troops as much as possible to your clan members. This the most fastest way to getting lots of XPs. To do this way faster. just leave you clan. Train lots of Giants. Join random clans . just keep donating anyone who requests for troops.

◘ Upgrade buildings to earn more XPs.

◘ Clean obstacles from your town to earn both XPs and Gems.

◘ This method is most boring part and its takes a lot of time. You can also destroy town halls in single player missions with using your heroes. 



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