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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

This is the most popular anime in the world. This anime mostly likes 90's kid and they were die hard fan of this anime series and also they are. It is a very good ratings anime, one that it's worth to watch. personally I love this anime. This anime story line is very good. It has good action, comedy and romance. It has excellent characters. The characters are-

Kamiya Kaoru:  Kamiya Kaoru is the instructor of a kendo school in Tokyo. When kinshin is wandering, kaoru invites him to stay at her dojo. As the series continues kaoru fall in love with kenshin.

Sagara Sanosuke: Sagara Sanosuke is a former member of the Sekiho Army. When the group was destroyed by the Meiji Government, he became a fighter-for-hire. After he meet kenshin they becomes best friend and fight partner as well.

Myojin Yahiko:  Myojin Yahiko is an orphan.Yahiko parents died so he had to his parents debt that they could not repay. So Yahiko was  forced to work as a thief to repay the debt. He is rescued by kenshin & kaoru. Kaoru trained Yahiko kamiya kasshin style.

And finally the best thing of this anime that I like most is strong moral sense.

Story line:

Set during the Meji Era of Japan the show follows a wandering samurai known as Kenshin. Durring the days of the Meji Revolution Kenshin was a skilled warrior who was blessed with exceptional sword skills and he was known as the Hitokiri Battousai. When the revolution was over Kenshin swore that he would never again take another life and thus he started caring a reverse edge sword and wandering across Japan to atone for his crimes.

GENRE: Historical, Action

RATING: 9/10

Special Thanks to my cutest friend Mushfika Iffat For this article. 

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