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Friday, 13 October 2017

Today's most discussed topic in internet is blue whale games. it's talking about every social platform. Our parents also getting worried about this games. Unfortunately, most of the people doesn't have enough idea about this game. Therefore, they are spreading fear in all social media about this games with fake news. today i will tell about you what is blue whale games ,how does it works? and if you engaged with it how can you overcome etc. so guys have a deep breadth and scroll down slowly. 

What is blue whale?

→ Blue whale is a computer games. This games also known as Blue Whale Challenge.

Who is inventor?

→ A Russian former psychologist student was invented this games. 

Where to get this game?

→ You couldn't find this game in play store or any other search engine. You can find this games only and just only in Dark web and ordinary person can not enter this site. You can not browse dark web with our normal browser and you won't take any screenshot inside the dark web. That means without getting any link of this game you are not able to get the original games. 

If the ordinary people can not enter the Dark Web, then those who have died how got the link to the game?

→ who have already died by playing this game they was got the link from the admins of the games. 

Who will get the link of this suicidal games?

→ Blue whale games admins are searching those people who are frustrated, hopeless, lonely, friendless, no illusion of life, have complaints about life and suffering from various psychological problems etc. and send them this suicidal games link and hypnotist their brain to commit suicide at the last task. (already those are frustrated their life they are easily accepted every task because they haven't any hope or wants from life) 

Why is not the government shutting down these games? 

→ I am already said that this is online browsing games which is maintains by dark web admins. It is not quite possible to closed this games because there are a lot of admins exist in the world. 

Why people do committing suicide ?

→ When people wants to install these game inside their computer they have to give full access permission of the games admins as a result all the information like photos, videos, Facebook password, mail password, Bank information etc. goes to them. moreover, People must have to use their real ip to log in this game for this reason admins tracks their location and force to continue this game otherwise blackmail them. 


1. Do not share any privet things in social media. 
2. Don't express your emotional feelings in social media. 
3. Give as much as time to your family and feel free to share your all problems. 
4. If anyone try to blackmail you feel free to tell your parents and contact with near by police station.
5. Sleep everyday at least 7 hours at night. 
6. Don't trying to do any harmful things with your body. 
7. Parents should takes all the updates about their child what they are doing? where do they go? Is their child sleep at right time or not etc. 

Notes: there are some games named Blue whale have found in play store or other store is not a real blue whale games. so don't be panic.

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