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Friday, 23 December 2016

Digital Logic Design by M. Morris Mano & Michael D. Ciletti

Logic design fundamentals and computer design fundamentals are the topics of this book. Logic design deals with the basic concepts and tools used to design digital hardware consisting of logic circuits. Computer design deals with the additional concepts and tools used to design computers and other complex digital hardware. Computers and digital hardware in general are referred to as digital systems. Thus, this book is about understanding and designing digital systems. Due to its generality and complexity, the computer provides an ideal vehicle for learning the concepts of, and tools for, digital system design. In addition, due to its widespread use, the computer itself is deserving of study. Hence, the focus in this book is on computers and their design. Moreover, This is the best book to learning about the Number system, Base conversion, Binary Coded Decimal, Gray Code, Boolean Algebra & Logic Gates, Sequential Circuit, Counter etc. There are many Example and exercise given in this book and all the examples implies very clearly for your better understand. In my sense this book will be very helpful for you.


Name: Digital Logic Design
Authors: M. Morris Mano & Michael D. Ciletti
Edition: 3rd and 4th (Both)
Size: 56 MB (3rd) & 55 MB (4th)
Page Number: 394 (3rd) & 599 (4th)

Contents : 

1. Digital System And Binary Numbers
2. Boolean Algebra & Logic Gates
3. Gate-Level Minimization
4. Combinational Logic
5. Synchronous Sequential Logic
6. Registers and Counters
7. Memory and Programmable Logic
8. Design at the register Transfer Level
9. Asynchronous Sequential Logic
10. Digital Integrated Circuits
11. Laboratory Experiments With Standard ICs and FPGAs
12. Standard Graphical Symbols
13. Index

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