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Saturday, 12 November 2016

[Solution] Fundamentals of Electric Circuits, 4th Edition by Alexander & M sadiku

This is the solution manual of Electrical Circuits. It will helps you to solve all section's problem from the book. Who are weak in Circuit and couldn't solved the problem from Electrical Circuit Problems book, this solution manual will help them. All the problems from the book have done in this solution using easy and shortcut method. For this reason, if you don't have any idea about physics formula, you are not able to understand the shortcut method of this solution manual. Its will be better for you that memorize all the formula of Physics like Kirchhoff's Current Law, Kirchhoff's Voltage law, Ohm's law, Current divider , voltage divider formula etc. Hope you will like this solution manual.  Although all the problems are solved in a shortcut method for these reason you must have knowledge on how to became series line and parallel line and also idea on what is branch, node,mesh? etc. If you known all these things than you can easily understand and solved circuits problems using these solution manual.  

About Solution Book:

Title: Solutions Manual of Fundamentals of Electric Circuits 
Author : Alexander & M sadiku 
Edition: 4th 
Total Page: 1972 (Pdf)

Size : 16.6 MB


  • DC Circuits Part 
1. Basic Concepts
2. Basic Laws
3. Methods of Analysis
4. Circuits Theorem
5. Operational Amplifiers
6. Capacitors and Inductors
7. First-Order Circuits
8. Second-Order Circuits
  • Ac Circuits Part 
9. Sinusoids and Phasors
10. Sinusoidals Steady-Stats Analysis
11. AC Power Analysis
12. Three Phase Circuits
13. Magnetically Coupled Circuits
14. Frequency Response

  • Advance Circuit Analysis 
15. Introduction To the Laplace Transformation
16. Applications of the Laplace Transformation
17. The Fourier Series
18. Fourier Transform
19. Two-Port Networks


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