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Monday, 6 June 2016

Fourier and Laplace Transforms By R.j. Beerends, H.G. ter Morsche, J.C. Van den Berg and E.M. Van de Vrie

Fourier and Laplace transforms are examples of mathematical operations which can play an important role in the analysis of mathematical models for problems originating from a broad spectrum of fields. These transforms are certainly not new, but the strong development of digital computers has given a new impulse to both the applications and the theory. The material in this book is subdivided into parts. Each part consists of a number of coherent chapters covering a specific part of the field of Fourier and Laplace transforms. Sections contain such items as definitions, theorems, examples, and so on. These are clearly marked in the left margin, often with a number attached to them. For almost all theorems proofs are given following the heading Proof. The end of a proof is indicated by a right-aligned black square: . In some cases it may be wise to skip the proof of a theorem in a first reading, in order not to lose the main line of argument. The proof can be studied later on. Examples are sometimes included in the running text, but often they are presented separately. In the latter case they are again clearly marked in the left margin (with possibly a number, if this is needed as a reference later on). The end of an example is indicated by a right-aligned black triangle: . Mathematical formulas that are displayed on a separate line may or may not be numbered. Only formulas referred to later on in the text have a number (right-aligned and in brackets).

About Book:

Title: Fourier and Laplace Transforms
Author : R.j. Beerends, H.G. ter Morsche, J.C. Van den Berg and E.M. Van de Vrie 
Published: 2003

Total Pages: 459

Size : 02 MB


• Applications and Foundations
• Fourier Series 
• Laplace Transformers 
• Discrete Transforms 
• Literature 
• Tables of Transformers and Properties 
• Index 


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