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Thursday, 11 February 2016

C programming Practice

(i) Write the Following Code Correctly:

    #include <studio.h>
    int main() {
    int color_1, 2_color;
    scanf(" %lf %d",color_1,2_color);
    printf("Result = %d\n,num1");

(ii) Write the Following Code Correctly:

     int main(); {
     int a, b=2.0;
     float _q;
     return 0;

(iii) Find errors (if any) in the following statements:

      (a) Int x = '15'
      (b) char B = "B"
      (c) Char abc, DIGIT, _LeT3r;
      (d) int a,9_b;c_9;9d;
      (e) char a = '3';
      (f) m = ++a++;
      (g) a %= 30;
      (h) x =/ 9;
      (i) int a = b, c = -10;
      (j) if ( a != b && ! (b/10 == 6) )
      (k) Scan("%d%d",a,b);
      (l) printf("%d%d",a,b,\n);

If you encounter any problem to solve this programme. Please let us know, we'll help you to solve those programme



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